Writing Portfolio

This section features my writing samples that include editorial, copywriting, social media, and infographic content.


Canon Asia – How to Create Your Own Makeup Tutorial 

To attract a younger crowd and non-camera users, we created a makeup tutorial video and taught our readers the ways to film their own makeup tutorial for their YouTube channel or Instagram page using the Canon EOS M100 camera.

Job scope: Conceptualisation, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, Art Direction, Writing


Canon Asia – What's Your Photography Style? 

We encouraged our readers to discover and understand what they are best at or most interested in with an infographic, which served as a guide to help them realise their true photography passion. 

Job scope: Conceptualisation, Writing


Canon Asia – 5 Tips to Shoot Better Photos for Your Online Store

We taught non-camera users, fashion entrepreneurs and bloggers how to create stunning assets for their fashion online store. From casting, photographing to online business tips, this article was a mini guide for those interested in a business startup. 

Job scope: Photography, Writing


Canon Asia – Canon Instameet: Photographing with Canon EOS 6D Mark II

We organised an Instameet between two Instagrammers to showcase the new Canon EOS 6D Mark II through a day of activities, including an encounter with a local Teochew opera troupe.

Job scope: Conceptualisation, Storyboarding, Video Shooting, Video Editing, Writing


The Macallan – Edition No. 2: Inspiring Creations 

We created awareness for the launch of The Macallan's annual limited edition series – Edition No. 2 –  through a digital campaign with four local creators, Amanda Wong, Randall Tan, DJ Suren and Andrew Lum.

Job scope: Photography, Content Creation


Thermos Singapore – 7 Vegetarian Recipes You Must Try 

We taught our readers how to create delicious and healthy vegetarian meals with a list of recipes and recommended them to cook or store their food using Thermos products. 

Job scope: Writing


Thermos Singapore – 5 Places to Visit This Year-End Holiday

We wanted to inspire our readers to pack their bags and travel to one of the five amazing destinations we recommended. Think werewolves, ancient ruins, roasted beans, and snake charmers.

Job scope: Travel Writing



CHANEL launched its Spring/Summer '16 collection centred around the theme of travel. To engage the media and consumers, we came up with a microsite that consisted of a registration page to their on-ground event, a product page, Instagram feed, and lookbook of the season.

Job scope: Conceptualisation, Writing

Mens Folio bar reviews

Men's Folio Magazine – Bar Reviews

We visited some of the trendiest bars in Singapore and had a taste of their best alcoholic beverages.

Job scope: Writing

Corporate Traveller magazine singapore travel

Corporate Traveller Magazine – Travel

A travel article on some of the most amazing spots in London for Corporate Traveller magazine.

Job scope: Writing

GV Etiquettes.png

Golden Village – GV Etiquettes

We encouraged movie-goers to be responsible for their own rubbish and 'bin it' after their movie. We created a series of humorous videos and caught fake offenders on camera who made the common mistakes such as leaving rubbish behind or smuggling outside food to the theatre. 

Job scope: Conceptualisation, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, Art Direction, Writing